Video: Munk – Happiness Juice


When it comes to sunny anthems, this summer keeps on on giving and giving. So many brilliant, carefree tunes has been released in past few weeks, with Bipolar Sunshine’s Deckchairs On The Moon, Jungle’s Time, Vic Mensa’s Down On My Luck among many great one. And looks like we have yet another addition to this list. Happiness Juice by by German nu-disco master Mathias MOdica aka MUNK is one juicy cocktail of a tune. Nothing new there, but everything is its place. It’s a catchy, breezy and feel-good yet without an ounce of cheese.

The single, preceding a LP, will drop 18th of August with remixes by Miguel Campbell and Satin Jackets. Listen to excerpts below:

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Arrivals: Bipolar Sunshine – Deckchairs On The Moon

Bipolar Sunshine_0

Adio Marchant aka Bipolar Sunshine is yet another artist emerging artist from UK’s future school scene giving pop a long overdue makeover. After three EP’s providing a serious mix of urban, pop and dance music, Marchant has just released his stronger track to date. Deckchairs On The Moon is a massive summery tune with a big chorus and few production hooks that will surely help it claim up the charts this summer.

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Video: Jamie XX – Sleep Sound


“Music is a medium formed by silence and sound.”  With this sentence Sofia Mattioli opens her film accompanying Jamie XX’s new single Sleep Sound. These words seem to be the motto behind Jamie’s reluctant approach to making music, as well, whether it’s his solo material or with his band, The XX . Soundless gaps are as important as the sounds here. Or even more important, I’d say. With delicate and spread out beats, synth licks and vocal samples counterbalancing and making the hollow gaps more noticeable, Jamie is actually playing the silence.

Silence and music are also the subject of Mattioli’s video, which features deaf people dancing to Sleep Sound. Watch it here:

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