Arrivals: Erlend Øye- Garota



Following the sad announcement that The Whitest Boys Alive has spit back in June, the band’s frontman Erlend Øye is trying to dry our eyes with his solo work. Øye, mainly known for his work in the cult Kings Of Convenience, but also his indie dance crossover solo output and various collaborations, have just released a new song. Garota, similarly to La Primera Estate released back ion September last year, is yet another delicate and elegant old-fashioned pop track from Øye. This heralds the release of his second album, entitled Legao, which drops in October. Very comforting news paired with very comforting sounds.


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Arrivals: Todd Terje – Dolorean Dynamite (Album Version)


Norwegian synth maestro, Todd Terje, has just shared the first cut from his upcoming debut full-length release, It’s Album Time. Delorean Dynamite is the closest thing you’ll get to transforming sound into pure energy at the moment.

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Arrivals: Tomasz Makowiecki – Holidays In Rome

maxresdefault Okladka_albumu_Moizm_6226802Tomek Makowiecki is one of the long list of finalists of The Polish Idol. Even thought he came 4th back  in 2002, this stigma follows him since.  Also being married to another singer, dance pop queen, Reni Jusis, which often has them both involontary caught in the celebrity game, sadly pushes his artistic ambitions into the background. But taking part in the show had put Makowiecki’s talents into a well deserved spotlight. And to be honest Polish Idol has produced far more interesting acts than it’s UK and US counterparts. Being an ambitious artist he is, Tomek is still trying, and succeeds in shaking all labels off making his name equal a pop mastery.

The two first albums, made following the Idol episode, under Makowiecki Band name, offered a straight up indie guitar material with a melodic touch.  On his solo LP, entitled Ostatnie Wspólne Zdjecie (The Last Photograph Together), Tomek moved into electronic tinted, orchestral pop rock areaThe album showcased Makowiecki’s soulful vocals, his knack for writing cinematic melodies and indie pop production, that was both, keeping with the latest music trends as well as conveyed its own, Slavic character.

Moizm, his just released second solo effort, is an atmospheric and hazy nu-disco album, often bordering on stillness of poolside naps. Sung half in Polish and half in English, the album seems to be aiming for the audiences outside of Poland, which hopefully will gather Tomek some international recognition. Displaying a wider palette of warmer colours than its predecessor, the record offers a sunny, elegant and nostalgic material which takes us as far away from the gray apartment blocks as possible, to a tropical, postcard destination. The first single Holidays in Rome is the most dancable track on the album and brings Cut Copy’s indie/dance crossovers to mind.

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