Arrivals: Jamie Lidell – You Naked


Jamie Lidell has just shared yet another track from his forthcoming,  self-titled LP, which is coming 18/19 February. And what a  wonderful surprise! After the messy and harsh What A Shame and techno-blues of Why Ya Why, comes a straight up electro-soul track untitled, You NakedAnd this one might finally satisfy all those disappointed with the previous tracks. Personally, I love all faces of Jamie The Unpredictable and I’m simply delighted, that the new album is shaping up as a diverse bag of tricks.

The sleek video is just right for this futuristic soul banger.

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Video: Bonobo – Cirrus


The British dj/producer Simon Green aka Bonobo is a master of the dying art of blending jazz with electronic beats. As a true maestro, he still manages to do that without sounding rather outdated and cringeworthy. His new instrumental single, Cirrus, heralds the follow up to the brilliant, Black Sands from 2010. Track on its own if worth checking out, but the most fun part is the video. A brilliant kaleidoscopic mash of the late 50’s/early 60’s footage of  the happy American suburban life and TV commercials. Looks like something Don Draper would envision after dropping some acid. What a joy to watch.

Get the Cirrus for the price of the email on Bonobo’s website here.

Bonobo’s new LP, The North Borders, will be out on 2nd of April via Ninja Tune.

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Arrivals: Jamie Lidell – Why Ya Why/Broken Pieces (with Brandt Brauer Frick)


Jamie Lidell premiered another track ahead of the release of his fifth, self-titled LP, which is expected in the middle of February on WARP.

With the release of Multiply, his second and best album to date, in 2005, Jamie became a new born soul singer seriously bent on Motown influences. His previous output was straight up electronic noise,which usually finds its home at Warp among the work of Aphex Twin and Autechre. Later, moving towards more accessible material on Jimand more indie influnced post-soul on Compass, Lidell proved to be obstinately unpredictable artist, putting the fans of Multiply and Jim on constant trial. This is exactly what is going to happen with the forthcoming record.

The first track from the album, What a Shame, had already suggested another turn in the direction of his experiments with the  modern soul music. That maximalist, raw track hinted a drift towards the dirty, bluesy soul . This one goes even further.  On Why Ya Why Lidell unleashes another demon, a Tom Waits inspired, swampy blues meets New Orleans marching band battling against some freaky techno beats. Once again Jamie ties the future with the past in one hell of a track.

As this wasn’t enough, Jamie guest on the new album by  modern classical troupe from Berlin, Brandt Brauer Frick. Here, the BBF’s signature translation of the electronic beats onto the classical instrumentarium accompanies Jamie’s manic, soul baring chant. Lets put it this way, it’s Dynamite in the opera.

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