Traveling At The Speed Of Music – Akiko Yano – Tong Poo (Yellow Magic Orchestra cover) + Original (Japan)

Akiko Yano is a Japanese jazz musician and a pop singer, who because of her high pitched, yet ethereal vocal, she has been compared to Kate Bush on many occasions. Yano touched on many genres during the course of her music career, switching her piano for synthesizer. Her recent work for the much loved Studio Ghibli, gained her more international recognition.

This one is a kooky rendition of the semi-instrumental track by Japanese Krautrock band, Yellow Magic Orchestra. The band often is described as Japanese Kraftwerk, although this track reminds me more of the helmet wearing Frenchmen from space disco outfit, Space.

Yellow Magic Orchestra

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The Upbeat Mondays: Pink Lady – Kiss in the dark

The western fascination with the Asian pop is nothing new. The proto J-pop craze dates back to the late 70’s, when Mie (Mitsuyo Nemoto) and Kei (Keiko Masuda), two Japanese girls of Pink Lady, had ended up in the Billboard’s Top 40 with this anime scented disco number. Although Kiss in the dark had been sung in flawless English, the girls didn’t speak the language at the time and had to record the song phonetically.

I love it, ‘cos it makes my Monday less gloomy. 😉

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Traveling Sounds: Asha Bhosle with RD Burman – Dum Maro Dum (live) (India)

This chilling live performance of Asha Bhosle’s biggest hit “Dum Maro Dum” has been recorded in Royal Albert Hall, London in 1978 and features RD Burman, her long time collaborator and husband. You can hear the crowd going mad with anticipation before Asha silences them with legendary “Hussssssssh” intro. Amazing performance! I wish I was there. Couldn’t get tickets and hadn’t been born yet 😉

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