Sunday Afternoon Session: Big Maybelle – Candy (1958)

A wonderful, soulful ballad “Candy” by Big Maybelle suits a lazy afternoon perfectly. What a powerful voice!

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Arrivals: Melody’s Echo Chamber – I Follow You

Melody Protchet aka Melody’s Echo Chamber

Melody’s Echo Chamber’s debut single, I follow you, echoes the sonic adventures of Stereolab and Broadcast in the past (the first two obvious connotations). Connecting two distant places on the globe, le cool Paris and capital of neopsychodelia, Perth, the Parisian siren Melody Protchet together with Tame Impala’s main man, Kevin Parker filling the producer’s seat, have created this fuzzy dream pop track.

If you like this, there IS more. The layers of orange tinged psychedelic and krautrock grooves, the 60’s melodic French teen-pop intermingle with the fuzzy 80’s shoegaze and its 90’s revivalism on Melody’s selftitled record, released just last week. You can easily realize that Parker had a massive input into creating this record. Some tracks, like Endless Shore, Crystalized or Mount Hopeless sound like the Lady Impala. With Impala’s sophomore effort on the way it seems that the autumn of 2012 belongs to kaleidoscopic sound of longing for the summer that just has ended. At least here. Again.

Melody’s Echo Chamber is out and available on Itunes.

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Sunday Afternoon Sessions: Kate Bush with Larry Adler – The man I love

In 1994 Kate Bush donated her hushed, sensual vocal onto the George & Ira Gershwin tribute album, entitled The glory of Gershwin, published in celebration of Larry Adler’s 80th birthday, a harmonica virtuoso and lifelong friend of the Gershwins. The man I love gives a rare glimpse of a smoky jazz bar with Kate as a night stage dweller puring her heart out in front of faceless audience. This black coffee has been sweetened by Kate’s honey voice.


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