Traveling At the Speed of Music: Motorama – Dispersed Energy / Heavy Wave (post-punk, Russia)


Motorama, described by some of their compatriots as “the best Russian band”, is a post-punk quintet hailing from Rostov-on-Don, South of Russia. The band is one of the very few acts that give a tiny glimpse into the unknown realm of Russian alternative scene.

With 2 albums, few self-released EP’s and 2 brilliant singles already in their bag, the band is preparing to put out their third album, entitled Poverty, this month. Motorama’s gloomy output, heavily under the influence of Joy Division’s records,  marries Interpol’s motorik basslines with vampiric delivery in flawless English by the band’s singer, Vladislav Parshin. Their songs carry a heavy load of melancholic beauty and melodies strong enough to make feel the need to hum along.

The first tracks from the new album, Dispersed Energy and Heavy Wave, that the band have premiered online, do not signal a sharp turn in Motorama’s musical direction. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The preorders for Poverty (CD/LP/Cass/digital) begin 12.01.15 from band’s webstore .

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Arrivals: Tom Vek – Broke


It’s been nearly 9 years since the release of Tom Vek’s sensationally raw debut album, We Have Sound, but the record still sounds fresh and relevant, in my not so humble opinion. Its garagey, DYI ethics and post-punk rough edged energy secures Vek’s first record timelessness. The new album, after quite neat and polished second outing, entitled Luck has just been released and Broke is one of the top tracks on the record. Leaning back towards the debut, production-wise, the track also turning its head to the ‘orient’ with the of spicy guitar riff.  Vek’s nonchalant voice sounds as dry and blaze as he did on day one. Broke is also a catchy little number on top of that.

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Radio Retro: Delta 5 – Mind your own business

An ultimate political statement from the legendary and short-lived post punk band from Leeds, Delta 5.

The funky bass line and the brazen, interwoven vocals on Mind own business are so unique and catchy they still remain as fresh as upon release over 30 years ago. And still relevant.

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