Arrivals: Django Django – Reflection


The Scottish dance punk quartet, Django Django are set to release their second LP in May and they have yet another track to prove that (listen to the previous single, First Light here). The band had made some serious waves with their 2012 self-titled debut and even bigger ones with its lead single Default (which snatched UK Festival Award for Anthem Of The Summer that year). It might be hard to beat the youthful energy and precise symmetry of Default but their new track, Reflections, is a different kind of animal. It’s a mature indie dance track, shapeshifting between the bands previous festival sized personality (vocal harmonies, house piano stabs and post-punk rhythm session) and a whimsical, moonlit entity complete with smoky sax and synth arpeggios. 

Reflections taken from Django Django’s new album Born Under Saturn, out May 4 on Because Music.

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Arrivals: Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Double Talk


You might not have heard of Jaakko Eino Kalevi yet, but apparently in Helsinki he already can proud himself with cult status. Self taught multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer, Kalevi, is an artist definitely worth checking out. His soft and mature material made up of equal measures of dream pop, funk and folk is a true listening pleasure. This mixture of indie pop charm, love for the vintage instruments as well as electronic sound, old-fashioned songwriting and crooning with a healthy dose of eccentricism puts him in a long line of self-made Scandinavian artists such as Jimi Tenor, Jens Lekman and El Perro Del Mar.

Jaakko (Eino?) is also not shy to go out outside the borders of his familiar genres, as he already borrowed his vocals to Kasper Bjorke’s album and has released a remix version of his standout, debut EP, Dreamzone. 


This summer will see (Eino?) Kalevi debuting his first international full-length release. Heralding the LP is Double Talk, a  summery and nostalgic, krauty-dream pop track, crowned with Kalevi’s vulnerable croon. The self-titled album is out in June.


Also, recently the Helsinkian worked his magic on the latest single from the promising, Swedish songstress, Alice Bodan. Her sweetly indolent vocals glue so well with Jaakko’s musical vision.



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Arrivals: Ben Khan – 1000


Ben Khan, London’s produ-singer-writer, one of the most promising new talents to emerge in 2014. His addictive debut EP,1992, scored number 2 on NoSnobsAllowed Best EP’s of 2014 list and Youth, one of its tracks, landed at 26th position in NSA’s Top Tracks of 2014.


Khan emerged from a circle of artists, hailing mostly from UK, who are making their own bass based future version of r’n’b. You don’t have to be a genius to spot some serious borrowings from Jai Paul’s scant output in Khan’s material. With Paul’s bone crushing beats and smeared and rough guitar riffs all over1992 the comparisons were unavoidable. But Ben Kan put his own twist on the genre with a serious injection of soul, thanks to his sensual voice and the vague melodies he writes so well.

Being less of an enigma than Jai Paul, Khan is not staying in hiding this year. He is gearing up for the release of his second EP, entitled1000. Perhaps to shake off any comparisons even further, or more likely out of pure need for artistic evolution, the title track sees Khan bringing some new elements into play. The groovy drum machine beat à la Arthur Russell injects the song with refreshing giddiness and joy. Needless to say,1000 is one of the hottest tracks at the moment and Ben Khan an artist we all should keep an eye out in the future. 

And check out Khan’s previous stuff while you’re at it:

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