Arrivals: Ben Khan – 1000


Ben Khan, London’s produ-singer-writer, one of the most promising new talents to emerge in 2014. His addictive debut EP,1992, scored number 2 on NoSnobsAllowed Best EP’s of 2014 list and Youth, one of its tracks, landed at 26th position in NSA’s Top Tracks of 2014.


Khan emerged from a circle of artists, hailing mostly from UK, who are making their own bass based future version of r’n’b. You don’t have to be a genius to spot some serious borrowings from Jai Paul’s scant output in Khan’s material. With Paul’s bone crushing beats and smeared and rough guitar riffs all over1992 the comparisons were unavoidable. But Ben Kan put his own twist on the genre with a serious injection of soul, thanks to his sensual voice and the vague melodies he writes so well.

Being less of an enigma than Jai Paul, Khan is not staying in hiding this year. He is gearing up for the release of his second EP, entitled1000. Perhaps to shake off any comparisons even further, or more likely out of pure need for artistic evolution, the title track sees Khan bringing some new elements into play. The groovy drum machine beat à la Arthur Russell injects the song with refreshing giddiness and joy. Needless to say,1000 is one of the hottest tracks at the moment and Ben Khan an artist we all should keep an eye out in the future. 

And check out Khan’s previous stuff while you’re at it:

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Arrivals: Tame Impala – Let It Happen

customThe day has come! Tame Impala have finally shared a new song. And it’s an 8 minute long,epic psychedelic rock and electronic fusion. As promised earlier by Kevin Parker, the band it taking a direction towards electronic sound on “Let It Happen” (and hopefully the new album). The retro-futuristic vision behind the band has been taken to the next level and absolutely makes sense after Parker’s collaboration with Mark Ronson earlier this year.

And thanks to the bands generosity the song is available as a free download!

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Traveling at the Speed of Music: Vaadat Charigim – Ze Beseder Lefahed

970858_598152216875332_907187932_nIsraeli rockers Vaadat Charigim have been on my radar for quite some time now. And finally, The Tel Aviv triohave announced their debut LP, entitled, The World Is Well Lost. The album is out on the 20th of July and will contain, I presume, tons of sun drenched 80’s alt rock with serious nods to both, shoegaze and The Cure.

Apart from that their new single, Za Beseder Lefahed , (It’s Ok To Be Afraid) also brings a feel good, black and white great video.


Their songs are amazingly catchy, but if you are not fluent in Hebrew, you won’t able to sing along. And the heavy of nostalgia makes you wanna cry and smile at the same time.  Frustrating …. My favourite state.

For more of sounds from Vaadat Charigm, visit their Soundcloud page.

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