Sunday Aternoon Sessions: Art Of Noise – Theme from Robinson Crusoe


Taken from the forth LP by the producers collective, Art Of Noise, Below the waste album released in 1989. The group specialized in the electronic instrumentals the inspired by, and heavily sampling, classical scores and TV themes. Their reindition of the Gian Piero Reverberi’s theme from the French children’s  TV drama Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoë. Correct me if I’m wrong, but seems to that this track could be the granny of strain of electronic down tempo mercilessly dubbed “the elevator music”, that was filling the gaps on all “Budha Bar”, “Cafe Del Mar” compilations and the likes of them. It’s the music you could not get way while getting a cup of coffee in the early 2000’s. Still this one was ahead of its time and still feels relevant.

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Sunday Afternoon Sessions: Millionyoung – Lovin’

This Balearic beauty comes from Florida native chillwavist, Mike Diaz aka MillionYoung. He shares this track ahead of the release of his new album in January, 2013. Enjoy the free download and your Sunday afternoon.

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Arrivals: Louie Austen – Never & Ever

Since the late 90′s the Austrian jazz crooner, Louie Austen, then already in his 50′s, had teamed up with many prominent artists of the European electronic scene. Peaches, Señor Coconut, Phonique and Rodion were among those with whom Austen collaborated over the years.

Still active these days, Louie Austen is back after a short hiatus with Never & ever EP containing two feel good tracks and back with a remix each. Both, the title track and equally good Tweedy Tweedy, are a careless throwbacks to the house pop of the late 90′s/early 00′s, described by Austen as “electrocrooning”. And idea overexploited back then via Hotel Costes and Cafe del Mar compilation series, now seems like welcome breath of fresh Balearic air.

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