10 Top Aphex Twin moments according to NoSnobsAllowed

Amid the anticipation of Aphex Twin’s return after with a new album in 13 years (Ireland already had it!) I’ve compiled what in my opinion are the best moments in his diverse artistic career. Here’s my attempt to capture what I think is the essence of Richard’s mammoth output: 



10. Minipops 67 [120.2][Source Field Mix]

See also: 808 State – Flow Coma (AFX Remix)


@. Donkey Rhubarb



v. On


2. Philip Boa  & The VooDooClub – Deep in Velvet (Aphex Twin Turnips Remix)

More: The Gentle People – Journey (Aphex Twin Care Remix)


100. Digeridoo

Also: Xtal


2. Alberto Balsam

More: Analogue Bubblebath


4. Nannou

Listen also to: Jynweythek Ylow


1-0,03 . Come To Daddy 

Also see: Windowlicker


aphex-twin-2006-billboard-650x430a. Flim 

 See Also: Fingerbib, IZ Us


4. 4  

Also check out: Vordhosbn

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