NSA’s Selection Box: Future Skool

Not trying to create yet another meaningless buzz word here. Leave it to the guys at NME. And ‘cos they haven’t done so yet, for own convenience, I’ll use the term Future Skool to describe the contemporary sound of the electronic r’n’b and soul delivered by an increasing number of artists clearly influenced by Jamie Blake, Jamie Woon, Burial, Jamie xx and the murky aesthetics The XX. A small legion of new talent infusing 90’s influenced electronic music with the urban sensibility, exhausting a minimal formula made up of scarce beats, bouncy drum’n’bass basslines, minimalistic production, soulful vocals, often creepy or incredibly hollow. Their output is as sparse as the beats they lay out in their tracks, mostly limited to EP or single releases or Soundcloud uploads. And you can hardly call it a scene as these artists aren’t unified by a label or location but enough unifying elements not to ignore there’s something in the water.

There’re any shades to this wave, from the comforting and sexy to plain creepy, from tracks based purely on restrained vocals and vague melodies to near-club-bangers and everything in between, unified by their simplicity and influences.

Selection Box: Future Skool will collect these tracks from the near past and the future. Here’s the first serving of tracks by these very young and very talented people. 


Shamir – If It Wasn’t True



RAJ – Let Me Love You



BOOTS – Dreams (feat Beyonce)



FKA Twigs vs inc.



Movement – Ivory


Ben_Khan (1)

Ben Khan – Savage

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