NSA’s Selection Box: Remixes vol 22


We Were Evergreen – Daughters (Erol Sabadosh Remix)


Illum Sphere – Embryonic (Lone Remix)


Factory Floor – How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)


Tei Shi – Nevermind The End (Saint Pepsi Remix)


Robin Dicke – Feel Good (Jean Tonique Remix)

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Arrivals: Ben Khan – Youth (Nu Urban, Future Soul)


London’s Ben Khan, one of the most interesting emerging talent the moment, is as enigmatic and economic with his output as another Internet superhero, Jai Paul. The four tracks posted on his soundcloud page are insanely well constructed, self-contained sonic micro universes. By serving a patchwork of bassy beats, synth stabs, samples, 80’s r’n’b references and his own surly delivery, Khan introduces a minimalistic, half withdrawn, yet ear pleasing, urban music of the future. And he’s newest tune and the first official release is all that. This is the sound of 2014.

1992 EP containing all four cuts is due May 5th. Youth is available on Itunes.

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Arrivals: Miniature Tigers – Swimming Pool Blues (Indie Pop)

Article-2616788-MiniatureTigersPressShot1_0copyThe elegant boys from the Brooklyn quartet, Miniature Tigers, are preparing for their third album for the release later this year. The LP is introduced by this sun kissed track. Swimming Pool Blues with its bursting with heat chorus perfectly fits into the poppier end of the American indie scene. Cruel Runnings drops in May.

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