Dancefloor: Disclosure feat Mary J Blige – F for You (2014 version)



Is it possible that the same track can make it into the Best Tracks of the Year list two years in the row? Well, in case of Disclosure’s infectious F for You it seems very possible! The single landed on 76th place at NoSnobsAllowed’s Best 100 Tracks of 2013 and even though it is only January, I have a feeling that it already has a spot secured in this years selection. How come? Thanks to re-recorded version with r’n’b diva, Mary J Blige. The singer added her vocals while performing with the 90’s house revivalists at New York’s Terminal 5 few days ago. And the studio version has been announced yesterday and, as promised, we can dip our ears into it.

Reminiscent of the disco influenced early house anthems this new version is a fierce dancefloor filler.

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Arrivals: Tycho – Montana


Scott Hansen is an American multi-instrumetalist producer, photographer, graphic artist, blogger and a man behind the ambient project called Tycho and one of the best blogs around, the gorgeous ISO50. Unlike Brian Eno’s still soundscapes, Hansen’s vision is a more fluid sound, following the sun during endless sunset. Sound driven with delicate single cell organism like beats. Tycho’s LP number 3 entitled Montana is on the way, out in March via Ghostly Internation (pre-order here). And the title track shows a surprising, but welcome evolution by adding live drums but staying true to the formula. I never thought I would describe Tycho’s intimate music as “epic” or “cinematic”, but Montana  is and totally points out toward previous material’s “cinemacity”. But it’s closer to Sundance, rather than Hollywood, though.


Tycho is a state of mind.

Make sure you check out Scott’s work over at

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Travelling At The Speed Of Sound: Tôg – Av Hengslene/Når me våkne opp imårå

tôg_presse_jsv_1-kopiSince the mid 2000’s Norwegian italo disco inspired space electronica scene led by a mighty trio composed of Todd Terje, Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm  has been providing a steady supply of solid hits. Their original output, usually lengthy instrumental tracks (Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse or Lindstrom’s Vōs-Sākō-Rv or Rà-àkõ-St), refreshed edits of the old party tracks (Terje’s rework of Roxy Music’s Love is the drug) and remixes (for Lana Del Rey, Joakim, HAIM, Hot Chip, Junior Boys) rocked the dancefloors across the world. It’s a genre of itself, a spaced out fusion of Balearic house, Krautrock, Italo disco made up of a feel good beats, funky guitar licks, synthetic stings and 80’s synths and dash of kitsch. Nobody does it better than Norwegians. Period.


Enter Tôg, aka Lars Christian Olsen and co, the act who expand the mostly instrumental vision of the big three into a vocal electro pop attack. On the early EP’s released over few years, some of them on limited only to Norway via Brilliance Records, Olsen circulated around indie dance hybrid known usually from early DFA’s roster, Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours and !!! albums. But in 2013 Tôg have introduced more focused sound through two, new direction setting singles, Når me våkne opp imårå (watch the video below) and Maridalen, which instrumental version could be mistaken for Terje’s or Linstrom’s work. And the funky Når me våkne opp imårå brings in mind the Swedish electro pop act, Familjen responsible behind the utterly brilliant and sharp Det Snurrar I Min Skalle.

Av Henslege is another teaser of Tôg’s new album, Feiring, which drops 31 of January. All tracks by Tôg are sung in Norwegian, which is not a necessary a bad thing, because the music speak for itself. Loudly.



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