Arrivals: Bokka – Town of strangers


Bokka is a year old, ultra secret project from Poland. Anonymity never stopped bands before from  catching the eyes and ears of the hip tastemakers at Pitchfork. BOKKA stirred up the blogo-waves outside their home country already. Town of strangers, the debut single and a beautiful vision of indie mixed with a folky vocals has hit everyone by surprise . Its beauty lies in its sunset stillness, unsettling melancholia and a hint of Polish folklore. The video is a winner too. Timeless, placeless, yet very Polish. The album is about to drop soon (21 of November in Poland) and the teaser (watch below) hints an amazing and diverse debut record.

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Arrivals: Mapei – Don’t Wait


Stockholm native, a girl called Mapei, debuts with this genre defining track. Just premiered, Don’t wait brings an intriguing fusion of soul, borderline hip-hop and electronica that manages to feel fresh, inspired and not messy. Solange’s fans should be pleased and should keep an eye on Mapei future releases. I know I will.

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