NSA’s Selection Box: Remixes vol 4

This neo urban jam is a result of Maya Jane Cole’s electronic treatment of Liannne La Havas’ folky soul.

Remixing alt-country legends must have been a challenge. But Washed Out and TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek seem to manage to do it quite well.

Nicolas Jaar is a true sonic magician. And this time he’s worked his magic on Cat Power’s newest chanson with some thrilling effects.

That’s hell of a hipster honey trap of a remix!

Norah Jones is feeling more and more at home in the alternative regions of music.

A free download from our friend and an amazing remixer, Azure Blue, doing some work on Swedish twee legends Acid House Kings.

Clock Opera’s chopped up pop remixes are always top notch, so is this one!

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Arrivals: Factory Floor – Two Different Ways


This hypnotic techno groove comes from an obscure London trio, who has waiting in the dark for quite some time. Seven years to be more specific. They must have gotten used to the lack of light as their first single on New York’s DFA Records is pure noir. Morodoreque driving force of synths and drum machines borrowed from LCD Soundsystem coupled with the dark post-punk, sometimes tempered with, vocal delivery from the band’s front woman, Nik Colk, resulted some serious spine tingling effects.

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Traveling at the Speed of Music: Awaam – Faris Shafi feat Mooroo (Pakistan)

The potty mouth Pakistani rapper, Faris Shafi, brings out the serious groove on his debut single, entitled Awaam. (click here for a free download)
I am not shocked about the existence of hip-hip artists in those parts of the world, but the track is a really nice surprise. Awaam is a piece of brilliantly produced hip-hop with some soulful licks provided by Jamie Lidell’s sound-a-like, Mooroo. It all sounds so natural and hits the right spots. I’m definitely waiting for more from these guys.

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