Traveling Sounds: Nosowska – Kto?

A slice of indie from my homeland. The woman behind this track, Katarzyna Nosowska is an unquestionable queen of alternative scene in Poland. For nearly two decades now, both with her guitar, indie band, Hey as well as her solo project, Nosowska, she has been leading in every category on the music scene over there. She’s inventive in every aspect of her output, the sound, the image and most importantly, the lyrics, always pushing things forward without being a mere mocking bird of the international trends. Her playful and inventive use of Polish language makes her lyrics not far from the contemporary poetry. Her words transcend the pop lyrics category. Think Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Patti Smith and other rock poets. She’s up there with them. She’s been putting words into the mouths of two generations of fans now and she doesn’t seem like a slowing down. Always wise and ironic. Part whimsical, part realistic. Commenting on her surroundings as well as touching on more universal, philosophical issues with a good dose of unique sense of humor. Something of a rarity in the Polish contemporary pop.

Kto? is a third single from her fifth album entitled 8 and my personal favorite. The album have just gathered six nominations for Fryderyki Award ( so called Polish Grammies). Congratulation and good luck.


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The Academy of Remix: Lana Del Ray – Video Games (Copycat’s Night Drive Remix)

After many failed attempts to deliver a good remix Lana Del Ray’s tune, finally something noteworthy have surfaced. AudioPornCentral‘s resident CopyCat took the two coolest things that came out of America last year, Lana Del Ray and the soundtrack for Drive, and mashed them into something truly epic. His version of Video games could easily provide a sonic background for Ryan Gosling’s lone, manic drives through the streets of LA. Although the remix gets a little glitchy after it hits the 2:00 mark. Lana’s vocal are a bit off for about a minute of cringing, but after that gets back on track. Definitely the best one so far.


Download it for free above.

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Uplifting Mondays: Roxy Music – Love is the drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub)

Bryan Ferry

Beat the Monday blues and leftover of the weekend’s hangover with the space disco groove provided by two fine gentlemen, The Roxy Bryan Ferry and Disco Master Todd Terje.

Todd Terje

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