Happy Halloween! – Nick Cave and The Dirty Three – X files theme

The Dirty Three

A belated Halloween treat. A hidden track on a hidden track from “The Songs in the key of X” compilation, Mark Snow’s “X files theme” gets a diabolic treatment by Nick Cave and his pals of The Dirty Three.


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Arrivals: Glass Candy – Halloween

Is it possible that soon the music stores will be stacking up on Halloween compilations, like during the Christmas time? Perhaps, yes, with the increasing amount of Halloween material that the blogalized artists are releasing every year. I’m talking about the mixtapes and tracks that suppose to scare you, spook you and disturb you a little bit.

And what a treat it was this to find a spooky Halloween song from Glass Candy posted on HardCandyMusic.com this morning. The beats mastermind Johnny Jewel and Candy’s kooky woman, Ida No have posted this little Carpenter’esque nightmare accompanied by the creepy video that stinks of  Kubrick. It will do the trick on ya! The duo is about to release their album very soon.


Proper creepy!

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Arrivals: Tyson – After You’re Gone & remixes

At the first approach, London pop enigma, Tyson seems an artist full of contradictions. The moniker he hides behind and his image suggest he might be another gansta from da ghetto trying his luck as a rapper. His only press release photo reveals him as a tough looking, tattooed, muscular guy you wouldn’t wanna mess with. But if you listen to his camp, falsetto voice it’s hard not to be confused for a second or two. He also hides behind the mask, which kinda implies anonymity, but he’s music does rather the opposite. It screams for adoration of the millions, begging for a spotlight in the center of the dancefloor. Tyson seem to be very keen on playing around with formulas, images and expectations. His theatrics may reveal our presumptions nature, but that doesn’t mean he’s no fun. Actually Tyson’s quest to bring some fun into dance music begun few months and two singles ago. His third single “After you’re gone” is a perfect Italo-disco revival moment with a catchy melody, camp vocal drama and honey sweet beat that will make you wanna storm the dancefloor. Tyson is a superstar in the making and has a serious chance spice up the bleakness of the charts very soon. Also, the coolest producers and DJs of “the now” have lined up to treat his singles with some serious reworks with my favourite being the Dimitri From Paris’ remix. Fans of Azari & III and Hard Ton should be in the dancefloor heaven.







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