Arrivals: Beni feat. Mattie Safer – Someone just like you + Villa remix

Mattie Safer

After departure from the  dance punks, The Rapture, Mattie Safer has been working as an aid vocalist for the youngsters of the electronic scene. First Uffie, now Beni. He also presented a very promising solo track for “Let the children techno” compilation earlier this year. Although I do miss him in The Rapture team,  I also look forward to more of his solo stuff. In the meantime …”Someone just like you”.

Beni’s debut album featuring collaborations wit hSam Sparro on two tracks and Nomi Ruiz (Jessica 6/Hercules & Love Affair) is already out in Australia. The rest of the world will have to wait another 2 weeks. But you can give it a listen here in Beni’s soundcloud.  


Matie Safer, były basista The Rapture, kolejny raz udziela się gościnnie –


tym razem u Beni’ego. “Someone just like you” pochodzi z disco – housowej kolorowanki “House of Beni”, na ktorej dwa duety z Samem Sparro i Nomi Ruiz (wokalistki Hercules and Love Affair i Jessica 6). Beni współpracował poprzednio z Samem przy swoim debiutanckim  singlu, genialnym “Maximus”.  Natomiast Mattie Safer zapropomował swoją wersję dance punku, w mocno elektrycznym kawałku “Is that you girl?” wydanym na początku tego roku na kompilacji “Let the children techno” wydanej przez kultową wytwórnię Ed Banger.


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One Comment

  1. SHREM replied:

    Mattie Safer is hot hot hot on so many levels. Really can’t wait to her Beni’s entire debut. If it’s half as good as this and “Sway” then I’ll be a happy electro bunny!

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