Sunday Chillout Sessions: Fairouz – Sabah Wu Masaa

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Remix Academy – Cut Copy-Take me over – Flight Facilities and Midnight Magic remixes

Cit Copy are about to drop their third album “Zonoscope” on the 6th of February. The first proper single, “Take me over”, is getting a pretty good remix treatment from the likes of Azari & III, Mylo and the producer of their previous album, Tim Goldsworthy. But it is the Flight Facilities and Midnight Magic that made the stand out versions here.

Flight Facilities recreated the brilliant that indie dance sound of the brilliant “In ghost colours” album, which the original seems to lack. FF made CC sound like Cut Copy again!

Midnight Magic on the other hand added their signature loose bass and occasional horn stabs and rebuilt it as a midtempo disco stomp. Nice work!

“Take me over” single is out now.

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Arrivals/Radio Retro/Remix Academy – A disco special

NoSnobsAllowed loves disco. And so many track connected to disco, in one way or another, surfaced for past few week. Whether it’s Simian Mobile, French, Safari or it’s spelled out for you – disco still rules and remains as influential as punk. So lower that mirror ball from the ceiling and lets go from disco to disco. We’ll kick off with two classic tracks from 1979 by the French disco trio, Les Garcons.

I’m thinking Escort, !!! and Poncho (introduced below) rolled in one while listening to the “French Boys” !!! Top tune!

Beth Ditto, the frontwoman of Gossip, released a surprise EP few weeks back.  The bigger surprise is the sound those four tracks, very different from was she has been serving with Gossip. She swapped the pop-punk for raw and simple electronic sound. Her first noteworthy flirt with electronic music came when Ditto guested on Simian Mobile Disco’s “Temporary Pleasure” album. Their joint effort resulted in weird, hypnotic single “Cruel Intentions”. The boys returned the favor and produced her first solo effort, which is very similar to the previous collaboration in both, production and vocal. The reception of the material varies from person to person. The sudden change of direction might be the shock for some, but I think there are gems among these tracks. Like “Do you need someone” for example, which definitely a grower, at least for me. There’s less shouting and more subtlety and soulful vocals. Ditto might not reach the heights of her abilities, but she gives us a chance to see her from a different angle.

Love it or hate it, here it is:

The dance-punk band from Buenos Aires, Poncho are introducing their own mixture of disco stomp and Indie in this steaming hot tune. Merging the soulful vocals provided by Shannon Funchess of !!! with punk delivery and driving electro beats, “D.I.S.C.O.” is the future sound of … erm  disco! Their debut album, produced by the legendary Dj Justin Robertson, is something I’m looking forward to listening to. Poncho seem like the hottest musical export from Argentina at the moment.

Another item on the menu comes from Mexican electro-pop outfit, Disco Ruino. “Amorfos” is a sweet tune that can be described as a lighter, sunnier version of the sound of Italians Do It Better label outfits (Glass Candy, Desire, The Chromatics).

Finally we close the list with another French group, Yelle. Their new single promoting the forthcoming album is simply called “Safari Disco Club”. Kooky as usual, Yelle are proposing their most approachable tune to the date without loosing an inch of their experimental electro pop sound. Can’t seriously wait for the album!

Ps. A fun drinking game. Read the post again and every time you read the word “disco”, drink! Disco, disco, disco, disco, disco, disco…

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